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Total Loss Appraisals Available in Chicago, IL

1. Diminished Value

Our professional team inspects the vehicle after the repairing services to compile a professional, realistic, and accurate determination of its value post repair. Customers are entitled to the loss of value as of the accident date when you suffered the loss. We make sure to perform assessments as per industry standards. Chicago Auto Appraisers know the techniques that are used to recover diminished value better than other provider out there.

2. Bankruptcy

We work directly with clients’ stuck in bankruptcy as well as work with their attorneys. Our experts don’t believe in computer generated appraisal methods. Instead, they appraise every vehicle based on the specific condition and characteristics to decide value. For the clients and their attorneys working through bankruptcy, we prepare appraisal reports that act as the driving factor in establishing the value of their vehicles.

3. Pre-purchase

Chicago Auto Appraisers assists its clients with a pre-purchase inspection of every type of vehicle. We prepare a detailed inspection condition report that documents the condition and originality of the vehicle. Our experts provide digital images of the vehicle providing first-hand evidence about the condition both inside and outside. We make sure to let our customers have all copies of pertinent documents made available by the owner.

4. Bonded-Lost Titles

We get bonded titles when the chances of getting duplicate titles in negligible. Our professionals are masters in helping the clients get the title in their name. Other auto title companies might say no but Chicago Auto Appraisers experts are always there for their clients. Our professionals make sure to provide title along with transfer application to keep customers away from any inconvenience.

5. Total Loss

Our certified professionals visit the vehicle location to conduct the detailed inspection and complete a legal total loss appraisal on the client’s vehicle. If necessary, these experts negotiate the claim with the insurance company’s independent appraiser. With the right skills and expertise, we prepare valuation report to measure the accurate pre-accident value by determining local comparables and adjusting the value to justify the vehicle in question.

6. Estates

When appraisals are needed for an estate, you can always rely on Chicago Auto Appraisers. Our team of experts understands how to tackle with an attorney and the appropriate legal paperwork. Trust is the biggest factor at such times and clients can trust us with legal matters and important information. We offer justified appraisals based truly on the facts. Anytime you are in need, give us a chance to serve you with best and timely assistance.

7. Early Lease Termination

Chicago Auto Appraisers provides USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice) compliant expert appraisals for clients looking to terminate a vehicle lease early. We strive to serve our clients with standard and unbiased professional appraisal value depending on the specific condition and characteristics of the vehicle. Our reports are legal; industry based and used in the termination settlement with client’s leasing company.

8. Expert Witness

Our experts offer assistance in cases requiring evidence or testimony in court. Chicago Auto Appraisers is truly professional and unbiased in every situation. We are dedicated to our responsibility as certified appraisers and follow the uniform standard offer valuation terminology that is legally acceptable. We not only prepare powerful testimony but also assist our clients in understanding value theory, ethics, and practices.

9. Loss of Use

We help our clients own a rental car or be reimbursed for transportation expenses when their damaged vehicle in undergoing repairing services. If the accident is not our customer’s fault, we make sure to cover the loss of use by the party who is at fault. Our expert team helps clients understand that if it is their fault, it is good to purchase the optional coverage. We make everything simple, smooth and better.

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