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Bonded Titles in Chicago, IL

When you own a car, you need to have a title to show legal ownership. If you have a car and don’t have the title for it, for whatever reason, a bonded title is the only option for you. Come to Chicago Auto Appraisers for bonded titles in Chicago, IL. We can give you the means to be recognized as the legal owner of your car.


Why You Need a Bonded Title

A bonded title, or “certificate of title surety,” is a document used in the event of a missing vehicle title. Perhaps you bought a car from someone who didn’t have the title. Maybe you bought a car and then lost the title documentation. Regardless, if you don’t have the title, you don’t legally own the vehicle, which means that you can’t register it, apply for car insurance, or sell it.

With the help of Chicago Auto Appraisers, however, there is an easy solution. We can help you get a bonded title to restore your ownership privileges. If you’ve made the requisite effort to recover a missing title on your own but have come up empty, come to us.


Comprehensive Auto Services

Chicago Auto Appraisers has been in the auto industry for over a decade. We’re intimately familiar with cars and auto law, so we have the experience to help you with your title situation. In addition to providing our clients with bonded titles, we can also perform auto appraisals for legal purposes.

Whether you’re stuck in bankruptcy or dealing with repairs after an accident, we can help you with a fair, accurate appraisal. We always make sure to have the appraisal done only when we’ve physically seen the car, so if you can’t come to us at our physical location in Chicago, IL, we can come to you.

If you need any car appraisal or title service, contact us at (312) 608 6500 to get started.

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